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Equitable Funding for Mid-size School Districts

The Texas Association of Midsize Schools (TAMS) is comprised of approximately 225 Texas ISD's who maintain between 1,200 and 5,000 students. These district's share a common challenge of offering a robust curriculum with limited (qualified) staff and strategic partnerships generally found in and around major urban areas. TAMS coined the term, "diseconomy of scale" to describe this disparity. Beginning in 1995 and amended in 2009, the midsize adjustment (now called allotment) was created to address this concern. Under HB3 (2019), the average midsize allotment was $1,025,000 per eligible ISD. TAMS works diligently everyday to educate member districts on the legislative process and encourage enhancement of the midsize allotment.

"The Mission of the Texas Association of Midsize Schools is to impact the states school finance system in order to obtain equitable funding of education resources while addressing disparities in size and diseconomies of scale. TAMS pledges to actively participate in the legislative process to insure continued support for the unique financial need of districts from 1200 to 5000 regular ADA."

The Goals for TAMS are:

- To ensure that all mid-size school districts have the opportunity to benefit from the mid-size school formula.

- To ensure that any legislative changes in students and district programs will enhance funding opportunities for all mid-size schools.

-To promote the interests of students in mid-size schools through active participation in the legislative process.