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President's Message

February 22, 2024

Sheri Blankenship (Hereford ISD)-TAMS President for 2024 and 2025

It is a true blessing to serve as the next President of Texas Association of Midsize Schools. It has
been my pleasure to be a part of this organization and to serve on the TAMS board. We are
fortunate to have a working partnership with the Texas Association of Rural Schools and Moak-
Casey. We will work to strengthen these partnerships for the health of our membership. We must
never lose sight of our original mission, which is to protect and expand the midsize allotment.
The 88 th legislative session was difficult at best and continued well into the fall of 2023 with an
unprecedented number of special sessions. The 89 th legislative session is expected to be even
more challenging. TAMS and TARS will continue to work together to hold steady the belief in
public education and to uphold the truth of the constitution of a free and appropriate PUBLIC
education for all children.
I look forward to working with the TAMS Officers, Board, Executive Director, Greg Gibson,
Assistant Executive Director, Jodi Duron and Executive Assistant, Missy Dvorak. These
individuals have and continue to work tirelessly to ensure our mission is carried out every day.
As each individual board member is busy taking care of their district needs, we know we have
the best team at the helm watching over and protecting our interests. They do an exceptional job
of keeping us informed and call on us to be active when and where needed.
You have my guarantee that we will not lose sight of our primary focus…serving you. I want to
thank you for the opportunity to serve and look forward to the next two years serving as

Sheri Blankenship, Hereford ISD Superintendent and TAMS President.